Dick Smith Hoo Hah

Moonlight Theatre, 7 S. 2nd Ave, St. Charles, IL 60175

Not since the Zoom-Hah of 2020 have we gathered in yuletide tomfoolery, but friends it’s back- Christmas is saved! Or ruined!

Dick Smith’s Night B’Fore the Day B’Fore the Day B’fore Holiday Hoo Hah Fri. Dec. 22, 8:00, $25 Moonlight Theatre, St. Charles

We realize the date is jarring, but the day before the day before was sadly unavailable. Sure, the tickets are pricier, the drinks cost more, but worry not, you’re still getting the same lowbrow jingly slopfest, featuring the Usual Merry Suspects.

The Daily Herald called the Hoo Hah “Drunken fun for the whole family!” Field & Stream deemed it “...fishy...” And Kris Kringle gives it 2 out of 3 Ho’s.

BUT- if attending you must ACT NOW- one show only. General admission tix at Nice theatre- intimate, balcony, drinks available- 120 ‘ish seats. Festive & fuzzy.